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Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activities:
Activities play an important role in developing the personality of the students apart from scholastic achievements. The curriculum consists of a multitude of activities. Each student is given a choice of two activity clubs out of the following

(a) Hobby Clubs:-
(i) Dramatics
(ii) Music (Vocal, Instrumental)
(iii) Dance (classical, Folk, Western)
(iv) Public speaking (Debates, Group discussion) etc.
(v) Yoga
(vi) Environmental studies
(vii) Embroidery and Knitting
(viii) Gardening club
(ix) Judo-karate club
(x) Drawing and painting club.
(b) Indoor Games/Activities:-
(i) Badminton
(ii) Chess
(iii) Table Tennis
(iv) Weight Training
(v) Judo Karate
(vi) Swimming.